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Crypto Issues

Who would have even known that blockchain technology will take over everything from our money, to the way we share information and even the way we play slots in online casinos? Nobody! Because it was impossible to predict that blockchain technology was going to take over the market with such a force and fast-paced movement.


World’s Best Mining Farms


Nowadays, the humanity is on the path of a principally new kind of “gold rush” – Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin miners can be both individuals and huge corporations with millions of dollars worth of equipment and electricity bills. Mining farms are data centers for mining bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.


Top 5 Mobile Applications For Initial Coin Offering


In today’s business world there apparead a new way to raise funds for the startup ideas. It became possible thanks to blockchain technology. Appearance of cryptocurrency in 2009 also facilitated this process.

Initial coin offering projects aim not only to collect financing for new projects but also to monetise cryptocurrency.


Is Bitcoin Gambling Legal


Gambling legality is a controversial issue in the United States because different states have different laws and regulatory policies. Gambling is legal in some states and prohibited in others. When talking about online gambling, the situation is less clear. When talking about bitcoin gambling legality, there is even less certainty.