Top 5 Mobile Applications For Initial Coin Offering

Ratings / Sunday, May 27th, 2018

In today’s business world there apparead a new way to raise funds for the startup ideas. It became possible thanks to blockchain technology. Appearance of cryptocurrency in 2009 also facilitated this process.

Initial coin offering projects aim not only to collect financing for new projects but also to monetise cryptocurrency. More and more investors put their money into such type of projects. For this very reason mobile applications related to ICO were developed.

The best ICO related apps

For modern investors it is important to keep a track of the recent ICO projects. It is also necessary to be able to sell and buy cryptocurrency from any place in the world. Because of it, ICO related apps appeared. They help investors and stakeholders to work with the Initial coin offering start-ups from their mobile devices. Here are the best 5 applications related to ICO:

  • Electroneum. It is a truly innovative mobile application. It allows to users to mine cryptocurrency online. Thanks to such app very soon more than 350 million smartphone users will start to invest cryptocurrency. Electroneum also permits to sign smart contracts. It is available in Google Market and App Store.
  • iDice. This is an application that primarily enables to invest Ethereum. This mobile software also allows to trade Altcoins and Bitcoins. iDice regularly updates the list of the initial coin offering projects. Investors can put their cryptomoney in Eligma, Airpod, Spindle or another start-up.
  • Taylor. It is a special application that should be used by every investor. It is a digital assistant that helps to take a right investment solution. Another benefit of this mobile platform is a possibility to get a full comparative analysis of cryptocurrency exchanges. It also helps to design a right invest strategy.
  • Phoneum. It is a very efficient application. It helps to trade cryptocurrency fastly. It also offers a possibility to invest in the most innovative initial coin offering start-ups. It is available for the users of all types of smartphones. It has a user friendly interface.
  • Coindesk. It is a perfect application for blockchain management. It enables investors to invest various types of cryptocurrency. Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins can be easily traded from this platform. Another benefit of this app is a complete overview of financial market. An investor can find important information about the most reliable ICO projects.

These five mobile applications are the most innovative ICO related programs. Using them, it is possible to find the most attractive ICO start-ups and to invest in them.

All the mobile applications are available free of charge. They are safe to use and propose updated and reliable information for the users. They are really worth using.

As the ICO sector develops rapidly, the functionality of the mobile programs changes. They become more functional. They permit to transfer cryptocurrency quickly.